The ILLBuster Project

The ILLBuster project's video, made in collaboration with Alkemy Lab.

Digital (R)Evolution

Metamorphosis of innovation.

The video was presented during the speech of Francesco Beraldi at the Olivetti Day 2015.

Olivetti Day 2015 - Francesco Beraldi

Francesco Beraldi's speech at the Olivetti Day 2015 about Innovation.

Beach Data Festival

Beach Data Festival - Cagliari, 30th September 2015 -  A Big Data themed evening: learning how to play with data and how to use them to understand reality.

Social responsability su Twitter

Il video sintetizza i risultati di una ricerca condotta da Alkemy Lab: analisi delle conversazioni Twitter sulle tematiche della  Social Responsability.


FormaMentis is the mobile app created to manage video contents. It was carried out on behalf of the Regione Sardegna, as part of the project Astrea 2.

Jump into the Future

Talents and courage turn aspirations in truth.

DIG.PILLS - Fashion Frauds
DIG.PILLS - Fashion Frauds - Fashion fraud analysis: initial steps of Cyber Security project
Semèstene, new views at the opera house
Semèstene is the Glassware that transports webviewers behind the scenes, on stage and backstage of the opera house.
Kick off TSC 2014 - Learning Culture and Overall Vision TSC
Openness not only as an ideal but as a tool to achieve business goals. In TSC, the Openness is understood as transparency, sharing and collaboration.
I.N.S.I.DE.R. - Illegal Network Security Intelligence and Detecting Resources

The system I.N.S.I.DE.R. is an innovative intellligence tool to fight against organized crime.

TSC Consulting: a company based on the idea of Openness
Philosophies that guide the TSC vision
TSC Showreel 2013
TSC Consulting Showreeel 2013
Joule 4.0 - Energy under control
Joule 4.0 is the new mobile and web tool in cloud that monitors and manages the energy consumption.
Wine & Go - INMOTO project
Wine & Go is the app that lets you easly buy some bottles of wine through your smarphone.
Climagest to optimize heating systems for buildings and houses
Climagest is a system to manage heating systems for buildings and houses.
TSC Lab: prototypes and projects
Fields of action and prototypes made in TSC Lab, stream TSC Consulting dedicated to innovation, research and experimentations
INMOTO project: testing scenarios
The project InMoTo designs and tests innovative services for tourism, to create the conditions for a sustainable development of an intelligent territory.
Google Drive Document Signer
Document Signer is a tool to sign documents digitally. It incorporates encryption methods and digital InfoCert certificates.
I.N.S.I.DE.R. - Illegal Network Security Intelligence and Detecting Resources
I.N.S.I.DE.R. - Innovative system of investigation and intelligence aims to identify healthy companies and companies colluded, starting from a context analysis.
INMOTO project: Information and Mobility for Tourism
InMoTo is a project financed by PON Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013 to stimulate research on Smart Objects and Smart Community.
About Crowd
TSC (Talents and Solutions for Cloud) is an IT company that offers integrated solutions, basing the relationship with its employees and freelancers on Crowdsourcing.
Open Source in TSC
TSC (Talents and Solutions for Cloud) is an IT company that offers integrated Cloud solutions, using mostly Open Source technologies.
Cloud technologies in TSC
TSC (Talents and Solutions for Cloud) is an IT company that offers integrated Cloud solutions.
Introducing Green Steps (Greens')
Greens' is a mobile app that checks your daily travels and reveals their impact on the environment. The app rates each journey and assign a score based on mode of transport, distance and the route you choose.
A Think Tank on Covid-19 Data intelligence & prediction

Oltre sei milioni di tweet e cinquecentomila messaggi su Reddit. Il Lab R&D di Alkemy ha analizzato l’impatto del Covid-19 su argomenti trasversali, dall’immigrazione allo streaming online fino al fenomeno della disinformazione, in Italia e nel mondo. Scopri i principali risultati!

Google Drive Document Tracker
Document Tracker is the tool for tracking and monitoring the entire process of business documents.