Alkemy Lab and the Chambers of Commerce of Crotone and Vibo together for legality

After the realization of the INSIDER system, continues the collaboration between Alkemy Lab and the two Calabrian Chambers of Commerce. Two meetings, held in Crotone and Vibo Valentia, will be the next opportunity for discussion.

#restartsud – impresa possibile. The title of the initiative carried out by the Chambers of Commerce of Crotone and Vibo Valentia is very significant. The event will examine the situation of the two smaller provinces of the region, which, however, showed a economic vitality. Alkemy Lab will take part to the event presenting some innovative activities carried out by his team. Two events, one in Crotone and one in Vibo Valentia, to discuss with the main actors and institutions the next steps to constitute, as it spells out the subtitle, a team for the development, and a network for legality.

The Crotone meeting is planned in the Pythagoras Hall of the local Chamber of Commerce for Tuesday, September 13, at 3:30 pm. After the opening by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Crotone, Alfio Pugliese, the discussion will be about the Monitor report, with a focus on big data, business register and monitoring of the local economy for the infiltration of organized crime prevention. On this aspect Donatella Romeo, from the Chambers of Commerce of Crotone and Vibo Valentia, will talk, together with Michele Riccardi from Crime&tech, a spin-off of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Transcrime.

A section of the conference will be dedicated to Big Data and Planning, with the participation of Mariano Bella, director of the Confcommercio Nazionale Study Centre, Antonio Lombardo, director of Ernst & Young, and the president of Alkemy Tech Francesco Beraldi.

The section "Reti per la legalità" instead will include talks from Dario Caputo, Vice Prefetto and Director of the Technical Administrative Secretariat of the Pon Legality, from the general manager of Infocamere Paolo Ghezzi, and from the judges pier Paolo Bruni and Roberto Fontana.

Squadra per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile” is the theme for the last section, with the participation of the Vice Segretario Generale of Unioncamere Italia, Andrea Sammarco, of the Director of Calabria Centrale Confcommercio, Giovanni Ferrarelli, and of Mgr. Domenico Graziani, Archbishop of Crotone e Santa Severina. The conclusion of the event, hosted by the journalist Augusto Bisegna, is entrusted to the undersecretaries Gennaro Miglione and Dorina Bianchi, respectively undersecretaries for Justice and for Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

The relations between Alkemy Lab and the Chambers of Commerce of Crotone and Vibo were tight during the realization of INSIDER, the system of investigation and intelligence. INSIDER is a valuable tool for the police forces, in order to monitor the economic system and identify unhealthy companies that are part of it. An innovative platform that, starting from the analysis of the Chambers of Commerce data, allows to highlight aspects to be monitor about the situation of companies operating in the area.

But Alkemy Lab has gone further and, following a line of research in which the company is now at the forefront, has realized for the event a social analysis, on economics, law and risk of crime in the world of businesses. The team that overseen the work, composed by Alessandra Spada, Lorenzo Coscarella, Carla De Mare, Carlo Turri and Alice Andreuzzi, used social channels as a valuable source of information even on issues generally considered a prerogative of economists and experts. What it turned out it was added to the data processed by the INSIDER system using the Network Analysis, as evidenced by Chiara Congedo in the thesis within the Master in Institutional Communication of governments, organizations and businesses at the LUISS Guido Carli, supervised by the journalist Gianni Riotta.

Social networks are now virtual land of many debates, monitoring who, it is possible to obtain more and more interesting data. The analysis performed by the Alkemy Lab team has therefore focused on the Twitter conversations, but on its results will not reveal anything yet.

The invitation, for those who can, is to take part in the event to find out more!


#RestartSud - Impresa possibile - Una squadra per lo sviluppo, una rete per la legalità