About Us

Alkemy Lab is the research and innovation stream of the Alkemy group, focused on the development of R&D projects and on the creation of services, products, and models that explore new horizons in the field of cutting edge technologies. Alkemy Lab is the hub of a network of startups, companies, universities, coworking, innovative centers, and agencies that allows it to enrich and renew the Alkemy product offering. The methodology and technology used by the Lab follow the principles of Open Innovation, Open Source, Open API, and Open Data. Research, hard and soft skills, and design strategy are the ingredients that the Lab uses to act as an innovation driver:

  • Digital Transformation & Open Source in the Big Data area

  • Smart Object & Internet of Things

  • Blockchain

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Mobile & Wearable

  • Conversational AI

  • Computer Vision

  • AR/VR Interaction

  • Security & Privacy

We contribute to the global tables of open innovation and industrially apply agile solutions, integrating them with the most complex corporate legacy systems. For this reason, we have combined enthusiastic innovators with experts of the most widespread proprietary solutions at the enterprise level. The services and products created by the Lab are designed following the R&D Agile Mindset, which combines the different technological and digital functions. The goal is to create a working methodology capable of evolving according to different contexts and characterized by iterations, constant tests, incremental releases, and cross-functional teams.


Alkemy S.p.A. works to improve the market position and the competitiveness of large and medium-sized companies by stimulating the evolution of the business model in line with technological innovation and consumer behavior. Alkemy integrates skills in the areas of Strategy, Communication, Design, Performance, Technology, Insights & Analytics, with an offer designed for the post-digital context, which covers the entire value chain from strategy to implementation.